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Business Service

Geeks for Business

Geeks In Sydney brings customized and professional computer repairing services for all businesses. We understand that in business, time is precious. In modern day time, almost every business is highly dependent on computer systems, and any technical problem will let your business down. If anything goes wrong, it is important to look for computer repairing services that respond fast and helps in getting back your business on track, with fewer hassles, and at an affordable cost. Geeks In Sydney comes with qualified and skilled technicians who are business IT professionals. We are highly competent at our task and passionate about gadgets that help us provide a fast and suitable solution for your business. Our team is at the cutting edge when it comes to latest software, technological trend, and equipment to help your business bloom. Our on-site computer repairing services is available round the clock and there to help provide a fruitful solution at competitive rates.

Here are some of the services currently offered for your business:

  • Computer support – installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • Both software and hardware support.
  • IT infrastructure design, planning, deployment as well as support.
  • Network and server management.
  • Data storage, backup, and recovery.
  • Protection, removal, and prevention of Virus
  • Customized email account set up.
  • Setting up of Wi-Fi system in your workplace.

Consultation Services

Windows - Installation, Configuration, Repair

We are there to help you set up Windows computers and configure it as per the requirement. Our technicians can troubleshoot and repair all problems related to it at ease.

MAC - Installation, Configuration, Repair

Our geeks are competent enough to work with Mac platforms as well. We will help in setting up, repairing and configuring all systems for your business.

Windows and Mac Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Mac, as well as Windows computers for your business, is another area where our geek's expertise, for any of the problems we will give you a fruitful solution.

New Computer Setup

Apart from that, our geeks will provide insights and essential tips so that you can set up the system to your liking.

Spyware, Anti-Virus & Networking Solution

Virus and Spyware Removal

Spyware and virus can cause severe damage to your computers and let down your business. Eliminating it becomes quite important, and we are there to help you. Our geeks will clean and protect your computers in quickest possible time and help to bring your business to track.

Anti-Virus Installation

Our geeks will assist you in selecting the Anti-virus for your business requirements. We will make sure that the tool is installed and configured properly.

Mobile Device Setup

We are skilled enough to set up, manage as well as configure all mobile devices and tablets.

Home Network WIFI set up

Our geeks will assist you to set up Wi-Fi networks in your business place. We will make sure that you and your staff seamlessly browses the internet in your workplace with no trouble whatsoever.

Application Development Services

Data Backup, Restore, Recovery

For any business, backing up data is important, and we will make sure you never lose all priceless data. Our team comes with full expertise and will help you in recovering it in quickest possible time.

Email Account Set up

Want customized email account set up for your business? Our geeks are there to help you, in any domain as per your liking.

Hardware - Installation, Configuration, Repair

Our team will help you install, configure or repair all hardware or devices so that you can run your business round the clock.

General Advice

Alongside helping boosting performance, we are always there to help you with important advice and solutions regarding your business.

We deliver our service with satisfaction money back guarantee

Geeks In Sydney is always there for your business, give us a call, and we will fix the toughest of problems in a moment.